Resep Anda
Resep kiriman Roberts Bridges


    1. 6 pairs of chicken feet
    2. 6-7 cups cold water
    3. salt to taste
    4. 200 g medium size prawns
    5. 200 g cuttlefish
    6. 200 g lean beef
    7. 200 g beef liver
    8. 200 g fish fillet
    9. 100 g sea cucumber
    10. 12 fish balls
    11. 12 prawn balls
    12. 2-3 eggs
    13. leafy green vegetables such, lettuce,
    14. cabbage & water swamp( kangkung), celery,
    15. bean strings (soun)
    16. white noodles (kwee tiaw)

Put the chicken feet in a medium sized pot with water and salt. Bring to the boil. Cook for 20 minutes over medium heat. Strain the chicken stock and keep aside. The chicken stock can be prepared in advance.

Shell and devein the prawns, leaving the tail intact. Cut cuttlefish, beef, liver, fish, sea cucumber into pieces, put into a serving plate, together with fish balls, prawn balls, noodle, bean string, eggs, and vegetables.

To Serve:
Pour stock into steamboat and bring to the dinner table together with the raw meat and vegetables, light up the steamboat and allow stock to boil. to cook the food, each person lowers a few morsels into the boiling stock and leaves for a minutes or two, then removes them with a small wire mesh ladle or a pair of chopsticks.

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