Resep Anda
Resep kiriman Yohana Wu (Oregon).

Ingredients (serves for 6):

1. Grease your MicroBakes pan with solid vegetable shortening. Mix chopped
nuts and baking powder in a small bowl.

2. Place chocolate chips and butter in a 1-quart microwavable dish.
Microwave, uncovered, at 100% power (700 watts) 2 to 3 minutes until chips
are softened. Stir until smooth. Beat in sour cream and sugar until blended.
Stir in eggs. Fold in nut mixture. Spoon mixture into prepared pan and
smooth the top,

3. Microwave, uncovered, at 100% power (700 watts) 6 minutes until edges
begin to pull away from sides of pan. Immediately invert onto a heatproof
serving tray or plate. Remove pan. Cool completely.

4. Frost cake with Fluffy Icing or sprinkle top with powdered sugar.

High Altitude Adjustments: At 6,000 feet, add 1 tablespoon all-purpose flour
to the nut mixture and use only 3/4 teaspoon baking powder.

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