Payment methods


  1. Auto debit Service of Bank Niaga, by giving authorization letter to Bank Niaga.
  2. Credit Card, by giving authorization letter to Pacific Link.
  3. Cash/Cheque payment, by coming to Pacific Link Cashier.
  4. Transfer to PT. PT. JASA JEJARING WASANTARA in BANK MANDIRI Jakarta Thamrin to Account Number as follows:
    • Personal Customers: Number 103-00-046-1826-6
    • Corporate/Institution Customers: Number 103-00-046-1825-8
    • US Dollar Account:: Number 103-00-046-28612

      In 'Remarks' column of transfer slip, please include:

      1. Invoice Number
      2. Registration Number
      3. User ID

      as written on Invoice.

  5. Payment confirmation

    Confirm your payment by the way of:

    1. Fax Transfer Slip to (021) 526-2723, or
    2. Use information form available here, or
    3. Use form sent to you by email on 12 th every month, or
    4. Via SMS number 0816-485-3500 with the following format:

      PAYMENT (space) USERID (space) AMOUNT (space) NO_URUT/VALIDATION_CODE (space) TRANSFER_DATE (format: ddmmyy, 2 digit each)


      Payment for UserID panjikoming amount Rp. 135.000 with validation number 46545 and transfer date on 5 April 2005 will be written as:

      PAYMENT panjikoming 135000 46545 050405

      Note : To other banks, please contact our Customer Service.


  1. Payment of invoice fro limited package should be received by the 20 th , and for unlimited package should be received by the 10 th of the current month (particularly for bank transfer) to avoid disconnection and reactivation charge of Rp. 10.000,-.
  2. Internet Access will be disconnected if we do not receive the payment until the abovementioned date.
  3. Undeliverable invoice by courier will not waive Customer's responsibility to pay the outstanding since Billing is also sent by email between 5 th to 8 th of the month and on the web at .


  1. Include your Invoice Number , Registration Number and User-ID every time you pay via Transfer. It will help us to identify your payment.
  2. Please read and follow all payment instructions carefully to smooth our service to you.
  3. If you have any further queries, please contact our Billing Department at (021) 5262722 ext. 300 & 303 or email to This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it , or contact us here .

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