PInter Wireless

  1. Radio Link/Laser
    This is a wireless internet connection
    technology linking 2 separate points with no obstacle between with less than 30 Km distance. The basic concept is similar to the wired-system but excluding the cables and replaces them with radio or laser wave. A specific radio frequencies is essential in this mode, for instance at 2,4 Ghz. Maximum speed can be reached is 11Mbps.

  2. VSAT
    The name stands for Very Small Aperture Terminal, asmall earth stationusedfor data, voice and video communication. There are two important devices for this method, outdoor and indoor units. The outdoor transceiver must be put in a line with satellite route utilized. The indoor unit is used as an interface between the transceiver and PC.

  3. Hot Spot
    Awireless broadband service placed in a specific area utilizing WLAN (Wireless Local Area Network) system. This technology is commonly applied in a crowd-public area such as airport, railway station, library, hotel and shopping place.
    The radius coverage is less than 100 meter wide.

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