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Entering the third millennium, the need of communication through the internet connection appears increasing rapidly. Concerning the costefficiency matter, communication through internet also gives much more advantages for sending text, data, pictures and voice or multimedia files all at once. The files will beeasy to save, edit andpromptlyre-distribute.

It begins from a long endeavor in the Information Technology business by a number of entrepreneurs, who then comprehend and gain a sharp vision that the ICT business is the business of thefuture. Approaching the end of 1995 established PT. Jasa Jejaring Wasantara, which then acquired an ISP license in 1996 from The Minister of Post and Telecommunication of The Republic of Indonesia. Embracing the Sembawang Media Pte. Ltd Singapore, the company operating Pacific Internet Singapore, PT. Jasa JejaringWasantara launched the Pacific Internet Indonesia on January 24, 1997, with web domain experiences of Pacific Internet Singapore considerably contribute in the early years of PacificLink.

The name of Pacific Link was officially applied since May 1999, the year when PT. Jasa Jejaring Wasantara halted the collaboration with Pacific Internet Singapore in any means. Yet, the nickname of Mister PInter is still being used, as well as the domain, for identifying Pacific Link since the time of establishment up to now. The word 'Mister' is an abbreviation of Manajemen Information System Terpadu (Integrated Management Information System), while the 'PInter' is taken from Pacific Internet. The existing Board of Commissioner is an ideal combination of IT business
and telecommunication experts.

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