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56. PInter Network & Security
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Pacific Internet is driving the convergence (or trend) of end-to-end integrated access, data, e-services and value added solutions for businesses. With the reliability and diversity of our own regiona

57. Layanan Solusi IT / IS
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...ea Network). Kami dapat memberikan solusi terbaik dilihat dari sisi disain konfigurasi, perangkat yang digunakan, teknologi, serta pelatihan sumber daya manusianya sendiri. Kami pun telah menyiapkan s...

58. PInter Wireless
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Radio Link/Laser This is a wireless internet connection technology linking 2 separate points with no obstacle between with less than 30 Km distance. The basic concept

59. PInter Corporate
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Network Dial Up An internet access service by Dialing-Up and using the existing LAN system on the subscriber's side. This is the basic and fast solution for corporate and institution

60. Experiences
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Operating since 1997 has given Pacific Link a considerable experience on serving the customers of all range, from an individual with only 1 unit of PC to a complex system of network for m

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